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About Us

Who We Are

The Livingston Hunger Council is a collaborative body made up of a cross-section of the community dedicated to ending hunger in Livingston County.  The Council is made up of government agencies, non-profits, local businesses and private citizens who have committed to making our community a place where everyone has access to the nutritious food they need, when they need it.

What We Believe

As a basic human right, all people should be able to find the food they need. Moving toward a future where everyone enjoys that right is a realistic, affordable and morally compelling goal for Michigan.  In Livingston County there are some 10,000 people who live in poverty and almost 24,000 people can be described as being “food insecure.”  Food insecurity means an individual does not have the resources to eat all of the meals necessary to meet their nutritional needs.  Together, the Livingston Hunger Council works to make Livingston County a food-secure community.

Our Mission

Together we nourish our community by championing food access and education.

Our History

  • May, 2007 – The Food Bank Council of Michigan released the “Blueprint to End Hunger”, which identified a 51% gap in between meals needed and available to low-income residents of Livingston County (~ 5 million meals).
  • January, 2008 – Livingston County Basic Needs Workgroup commissioned Alexander Resources to conduct a local study of food insecurity and access issues.
  • May, 2008 – Key partners from different sectors of the community, assembled to form the Livingston County Hunger Council  with the goal to fill “the gap” and eliminate hunger in Livingston County.
  • October, 2009 – The “Council” was formed in an official capacity with an importance placed on finding members from a cross sector of the community.
  • December, 2009 – Committees were formed, and the first year’s goal was set – an additional 3.5 million meals by 2010 year-end, with 1.5 million of those meals as a direct result of the Council’s activities.
  • December, 2010 – With a year of collaborative efforts complete, the members of the Livingston Hunger Council could boast a total of 3,855,423 additional meals, reducing the hunger gap by almost 77%.